Wyoming PSA Directory FAQs

Wyoming PSA Directory: Frequently Asked Questions

As you read through this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at wyoming.school.directory@gmail.com

How Much Is It?

$20 annually per family.  This includes membership in the PSA, one copy of the printed directory, and access to the online directory for all the adults in the household(s).

What’s The Deadline?

If you’d like your family’s information included in the printed directory, you’ll need to join or renew by September 1, 2017.

On August 14 (aka the first day of school), you’ll need to renew or join to access the  online directory.  The online directory will be closed to nonmembers.

Why Should I Join?

The dues portion helps fund PSA and PSA’s programs.  To see what we’ve got going visit our website at wyomingpsa.wordpress.com.  To get an idea about where we’ve distributed money, check here.

The directory portion is a fundraiser for the sophomore class (go Class of 2020!).  If you have a sophomore, consider making an additional donation for the class.

How Do I Do This?

Visit bit.ly/joinWYpsa  and follow the instructions.  If you have any questions, can’t remember what registered under, anything…. Email us at wyoming.school.directory@gmail.com

Can I Buy More Than One Printed Copy of the Directory?

You bet.  An extra copy is $10–and you can buy as many extra copies as you’d like after you buy a membership.

When and How Will I Get My Printed Directory?

That is a wee bit difficult to predict–last year they were distributed in Dec. and Jan. We’d like to get them out in November. We will do our best. When they do go out, they’ll go to the youngest student in your family.

What Should I Do In The Meantime?

You should make sure you can get into our directory at myschoolanywhere.com, and consider installing the app on your phone.

Wait, I Joined and I Can’t Log Into myschoolanywhere.com!

Email wyoming.school.directory@gmail.com.  We’ll get you set up.

Should I List My Children That Are Not In School Yet?

No, we’ll be happy to welcome them when they reach kindergarten.

Whose Name Should I Put My Family Under?

Use your child’s last name, or family name. It’s fine if your last name is different. If you have children with different last names, include the last names of the children that are different.

For example: Your family name is Smith. You have 4 kids, Joe Smith, Sally Smith, Bob Smith, and Jane Doe.  You’d list your children as:

  • Joe
  • Sally
  • Bob
  • Jane Doe

Then, we’ll provide a cross reference from Doe to Smith in the directory.

My Children Have More Than One Household!

You can list up to two households and four adults with any family.

If each family would like to join PSA separately, just let us know if you can, and we’ll work it out.

If you have any questions as you set this up, don’t hesitate to contact us at wyoming.school.directory@gmail.com

How Should I Pay?

Honestly?  We would prefer that you use a credit card through our paypal store.  If you absolutely positively must pay by check, please contact us at wyoming.school.directory@gmail.com to make arrangements.