Blue Ribbon Gowns


Blue Ribbon Gowns is a PSA program started in 2009 to provide an alternative source of graduation dresses for WHS girls. WHS requires senior girls to wear long white dresses for the graduation ceremony, but finding a long white dress can be a challenge. The Blue Ribbon Gowns committee collects dresses from recent Wyoming graduates, organizes the dress collection, and arranges appointments with senior girls for fittings. The dresses are long and white to meet the school requirements. Sizes and styles vary based on the dresses donated, and most are from department stores and bridal salons. All dresses have been cleaned and are in very good or excellent condition. Dresses rent for $30-$50 depending on the style, and proceeds go to the PSA General Fund.

Blue ribbon gowns
WHS seniors wearing graduation dresses rented from Blue Ribbon Gowns

“So – you need a graduation dress?”

Click here for more info about graduation dresses: dress style requirements, where to shop locally or online, and buying versus renting.

How do I rent from Blue Ribbon Gowns?

Blue Ribbon Gowns shows dresses by appointment from January to June. You can meet with a volunteer after school, in the evenings, or on weekends.

If I already have a dress, why should I donate my dress after graduation?

Recycle that dress, so someone else can wear it! White dresses can be hard to find, and some girls may not know to start looking early.  The girl who rents your dress next year will be grateful that you made her senior year a bit easier. Your dress donation is tax-deductible because we are a non-profit program.

How do I donate a dress?

Contact a volunteer listed below, or drop off your dress at the main office at WHS during school hours. Be sure to put your name on your dress so we can thank you.

To make an appointment or donate a dress, please contact
Marianna Briner 513-235-7622
Ann Fershtman 513-325-7892
Shawn Gilligan Jones 513-608-3898
Robin Klebanow 513-479-1622
Lisa Mellott 513-807-4107

“So – you need a graduation dress?”

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation Dresses for WHS

Wyoming has a memorable tradition of boys wearing white tuxedos and girls wearing long white dresses for graduation. The boys rent tuxedos with a formal-wear fitting at WHS. But for girls, finding a full-length white dress can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to help you find your dress.

What are the requirements?

The graduation attire for girls is a “white, full-length dress, no more than 2-3 inches above the ankle. No off-white, cream or ivory. No strapless dresses.” This policy has been established by the school.

Are there specific style requirements for the long white dress?

While the boys wear identical tuxedos, the girls can choose their dress style, such as formal satin, silk, casual cotton or jersey knit. Sleeves are not required, and spaghetti straps are acceptable. Just make sure it’s LONG and WHITE.

What do the bridal and formal stores carry?

Bridal and formal stores offer the best selection of styles for long dresses. Check out Bridal & Formal, Carrie Karibo, and other stores on Benson Street in Reading, or David’s Bridal & Formal in Springdale and Kenwood. Many styles can be ordered in white, and dresses can be custom-fitted for a perfect look. Dresses may take 8 to 12 weeks for delivery, and prices run $150 and up. Some formal stores offer sales on select styles.

What about stores at the local shopping malls?

WHS seniors have bought long white dresses at local retailers (Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Camille la Vie, J. Crew, Penney’s, Target) and outlets (Saks Off 5th, BCBG, etc.) Retailers vary the colors each season, so white may or may not be available. That’s why some girls start looking early in their senior year.

What’s available online?

Online retailers such as David’s Bridal can be a good source of dresses not found in local stores. Pay attention to each retailer’s policy for returns or exchanges, in case the dress doesn’t fit or turns out not to be white. David’s Bridal offers free in-store fittings so you order the right size online.

Do I have to buy a dress?

Consider sewing a dress for a unique look. Or pair a white top with a long white skirt for the look of a dress, and you’ll have separates to wear afterward.

Should I buy or should I rent?

Check out Blue Ribbon Gowns here in Wyoming. It’s a good place to start your dress search. You may find the perfect long white dress at a bargain price.

What is the Blue Ribbon Gowns program?

Blue Ribbon Gowns is a PSA program started in 2009 to provide an alternative source of graduation dresses for WHS girls. This program collects dresses from recent graduates and rents them for $30-$50. All rental fees go to PSA. The dresses are long and white to meet the school requirements, have been cleaned, and are in very good condition.   Styles and sizes vary based on the dresses donated, but range from sizes 1 to 22, and most are from bridal salons or department stores.

Rent a Dress! Donate a Dress!

If you do buy a dress for graduation, please consider donating it to Blue Ribbon Gowns after you wear it. We depend on dress donations to offer the best selection of styles and sizes. Your dress donation is tax-deductible.