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To place a Market Day order for May,

go to  www.marketday.com and select account 7518.

Thank you for supporting the Wyoming schools by making a Market Day purchase!  Market Day is now offering Fresh Produce! Go online to http://www.market day.com to check out the new produce options.  With a $90 online purchase this month, you will receive a *FREE* 4-pack of Cheesecake Pops: enter promo code MAYBONUS at checkout.  For first time orders, save $5 when you order $25 or more by entering the promo code NEWFIVE at checkout.


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Please contact Laura Connock at ohiost8@zoomtown.com for more information about these important Chair opportunities.

We also need lots and lots of volunteers to fill time slots for each of our game booths.  Click on the following link to sign up:

*May Fete SignUpGenius*


Student Directory/Membership

If you need help with accessing the online student directory, please contact our database administrators at wyoming.school.directory@gmail.com.

If you haven’t purchased a PSA membership yet, but want to now, please read our FAQs document for instructions.


parentpowerxVolunteer Opportunities

Please contact Laura Bence at



the specific committee chair about volunteer opportunities.


Wyoming P.S.A

c/o 420 Springfield Pike

Wyoming  OH  45215


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